Automate everything from settings to photos, SMS to speech. ADC2 prize winner.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: January 10, 2018
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



Total Automation, From Settings to SMS.

* Triggers: App, Time, Day, Location, Hard/Soft State, Event, Shortcut, Widget, Timer, Plugins
* Actions: 200+ built-in, plugin support
* Tasks: loops, variables, conditions
* Scenes: design your own screen overlays
* App Creation: create your own standalone apps to share or sell! (Android 2.3+)

Trial: http://tasker.dinglisch.net/dl
Starter Guides: http://tasker.dinglisch.net/guides.html
Queries, Problems: see Menu / Info / Support in-app

It's not possible to fix problems reported via Play Store Comments...

****** Actions By Category ******

[not all actions available on all devices]

* ALERT: Flash, Notify LED/Sound/Vibrate, Cancel Notification, Popup Timed/WithTaskIcons/Names, Torch, Vibrate, Vibrate Pattern
* APP: Calendar Insert, Go Home, Kill App, Load App, Open Map (/StreetView/Nav)
* AUDIO: Alarm/Call/DTMF/Media/Notif./Ringer/System Volume, Haptic Feedback Toggle, Mic Mute, Notification Pulse, Notification(<4.1)/Ringer Vibrate (<4.2 or root), Silent Mode, Speakerphone, Sound Effects toggle
* DIALOG: 28 System Settings dialogs
* DISPLAY: Auto-Brightness, Close System Dialogs, Keyguard, Keyguard Pattern, Display Brightness, Display Off Timeout, Display Rotation, Set Wallpaper, Stay On, Status Bar (expand/collapse), System Lock
* FILE: Browse Files, Directory Create/Delete/Move, File Copy/Delete/Move/Open, Write To File, Read Line, Read Paragraph, Zip/Unzip File
* INPUT: Button, Dpad (root only), Type (root only), Input Method Select, Soft Keyboard (show)
* MEDIA: Media Button Events (grab), Media Player Control, Music File/Dir, Play/Forward/Back/Stop, Photo/Series/TimeSeries, Record Audio, Record Audio Stop, Ringtone, Scan Card
* MISC: (Broadcast) Action Intent, Component Intent, Get Location, GPS Status (<2.3 or Cyanogen/submod), Run (ASE) Script, Say, Say To File, Shut Up, Search For, Set Clipboard, Reboot (root only), Set CPU (root only) Set Timezone
* NETWORK: Airplane Mode (<4.1 or root), Autosync, BT, BT ID, Compose Email, Browse URL, HTTP GET, HTTP POST, Mobile Data (on/off), Mobile Data 2G/3G (Cyanogen only), USB Tether, WiFi Toggle, Wifi Disconnect/Reassociate/Reconnect, Wifi Sleep, Wifi Tether, Wimax Toggle
* PHONE: Call, Call Log, Call Block/Divert/Revert, Compose MMS/SMS, Contacts, End Call, Radio, Send SMS, Send Data SMS, Silence Ringer, Take Call
* TASKER: Change Icon Set, If, End If, Goto Action, Perform Task, Profile Toggle, Query Action, Set Widget Icon, Set Widget Label, Stop, Wait, Wait Until
* VARIABLES: Set, Clear, Inc, Dec, Query, Randomize, Split, Join, List
* 3RD PARTY: Android Notifier, Astrid, BeyondPod, JuiceDefender Data/Toggle, Gentle Alarm, NewsRob, OfficeTalk, SleepBot, SMS Backup+, TeslaLED, WidgetLocker

****** States ******

Airplane Mode, BT Connected, Calendar Entry, Docked, Headset Plugged, Incoming Call, Keyboard Out, Light Level, Media Button, Missed Call, Mobile Network, Device Orientation, Power, Various Sensors, Signal Strength, Unread Text, Variable Value, Wifi Network, Wifi Near

****** Events ******

Alarm Clock/Done, Date Set, Time/Date Set, Timezone Set, Display: Off/On/Unlocked, File Closed/Deleted/Modified/Moved/Opened/Attributes Changed, Camera/Search Button Long-Press, Card Mounted/Removed/Unmounted, Gesture,Missed Call, Phone Changes, Received Text, SMS Send Success/Failure, Battery Changed/Full/Low/Overheating, Device Boot, Device Shutdown, Storage Low, Locale Changed, New/Removed/Updated Package, Wallpaper Changed, Button Gadget Clicked, New Window, Notification, Notification Clicked, Zoom Click, Variable Cleared/Set, K9 Email Received, Gentle Alarm, Kaloer Clock, OpenWatch, Reddit Notify, Screebl, Widget Locker

Note: Tasker uses the BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission in order to provide the System Lock functionality.


42,448 total
5 32,488 
4 5,806 
3 1,692 
2 923 
1 1,539 

  • Tasker
    Khary Baker Published date: January 10, 2018

    Ok, this app sat in my phone for a good while before I started using it. It was recommended in an article as a must have app, and after reading about it's capabilities, I purchased it. A bit of a learning curve(still learning...), but I'm so fascinated by Tasker and the many plug-ins that I can't help but to tinker. Wifi/data/lockscreen/GPS/Bluetooth on and off depending on location and/or time, automatic reboots, controlling display brightness and timeouts with apps of your choosing...just download it. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Roland Udvarlaki Published date: January 13, 2018

    I love this app and been using it for a while, but whenever I get a new phone, transferring the backups and restoring is simply not possible!! Why can I not just place my old backup on the phone and have access for it? You may say I should just import it... Well, that'd be good if the XML file would actually show up and wouldn't be hidden :/ auto cloud backup is non existent and never worked, ever, so as always, its not working.. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Gonzalo Aguerrevere Published date: January 12, 2018

    Complicated but rewarding. You can automate many phone functions. Would be great to have integrated functions for NFC tags and for working with notifications and voice, etc. Now we need to bleed and pay for other apps to do this essential checks (Auto..., looking at you 😣). Full Review

  • Tasker
    Jadon Williams Published date: February 14, 2018

    I'm good with computer and stuff but I can't even begin to figure this out. Probably works really well but I wouldn't know as I can't get past the first screen without being confused to death. Worst UI ever very counter intuitive and not used friendly at all. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Mark Recek Published date: February 13, 2018

    This app is a joke. I have two profiles setup to detect if I am connected or not connected to my home network. I have tried all settings posible, non will consistantly work. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Skyler Lyytinen Published date: February 5, 2018

    Great app as stated many times before, one star off cause running a app exits soon as you hit the home button. It was working for a bit but seems bugged. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Loren Hicks Published date: January 30, 2018

    Don Norman would be so disappointed in this app. So much potential, and so complicated! It's definitely the devs fault for making a great app bogged down by soooo many instructions. Most people don't need this many functions. We just want our phone to go to silent when we get to work! Full Review

  • Tasker
    Ryan Reedy Published date: January 13, 2018

    Unleash the power of Android with Tasker. I've created dozens of profiles that I couldn't imagine using my phone without. Easily worth the price and the time it takes to learn the ropes. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Zeeshan Khan Published date: January 18, 2018

    This App is a Scam I request from all to don't buy this app. Please don't Waste your Money..... Full Review

  • Tasker
    Bill Batey Published date: January 26, 2018

    Doesn't ever seem to actually work. It also had a VERY steep learning curve. Even at just $3, I simply cannot recommend. Avoid. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Andrew Skujins Published date: January 13, 2018

    Works now and then. Fails most of the time. How does a simple script behave so inconsistently? Full Review

  • Tasker
    Digibank by DBS Published date: January 17, 2018

    I am not be able to use this app because it's very complicated to learn for me. Thus is very useful app but I'm not be able to use it. I want refund for this app. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Ahren Hardy Published date: January 11, 2018

    It works but it can be hard to get it to do what you want some times . I just started using the app and am still learning how to use it . Full Review

  • Tasker
    James Koay Published date: January 14, 2018

    Pretty useless if your phone is not rooted. So many basic things essentially can't be done and no workaround. Full Review

  • Tasker
    J Sealy Published date: February 1, 2018

    Amazing app, near infinite possibilities! Helpful quick replies from Dev also. Highly recommended! Full Review

  • Tasker
    Kris Robert Published date: January 18, 2018

    Works reliably for some tasks but not for others. UI is very unintuitive. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Mahammad Rafi Published date: January 29, 2018

    Good amazing. Best of the best app in automative apps. Keep improve the app. Some options are not working perfectly since last update Full Review

  • Tasker
    Alexander Abney Published date: January 21, 2018

    Excellent for automating things. Not the easiest to get started with, but can do alot of neat things. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Will Simon Published date: January 13, 2018

    This app can do SO much. Especially with the 3rd party apps. Still no data switch! We should be able to change that with tasker. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Jordan Daniel Angulo Published date: January 12, 2018

    Location profile not activating automatically. I need to open the app in order for it to search for gps Full Review

  • Tasker
    John Stokes Published date: January 22, 2018

    Can't get the profile to work on a Nexus 6 Full Review

  • Tasker
    Randall Nogoog Published date: January 28, 2018

    UI is ... daunting, but powerful -- still my choice after many years. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Ariff Azman Published date: February 3, 2018

    It's not the matter of the phone, it's the hand that automates it. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Matthew Rudolph Published date: January 10, 2018

    Latest update seems to not recognize Do Not Disturb settings despite being given notification access Full Review

  • Tasker
    Patrick Bouvry Published date: January 10, 2018

    Android 7: notification volume is reset for unknown reasons. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Ja Saa Published date: February 10, 2018

    Will not let me Remove the app. fix this bug please Full Review

  • Tasker
    Amor Laquindanum Published date: January 24, 2018

    no active profile!!! i paid for this apps but i cannot used it properly! Full Review

  • Tasker
    Lee Anne Pedersen Published date: January 28, 2018

    App suddenly stopped working. Lost all my settings. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Barking News Published date: January 23, 2018

    It helps well to automate work and out of work environment. Full Review

  • Tasker
    A Google User Published date: February 5, 2018

    This is just awesome, love it. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Stefano Bernardi Published date: February 8, 2018

    Incredibile automation. Difficult to set, but fantastic assistance from developer. 10 stars only for the assistance Full Review

  • Tasker
    Peter Goebbels Published date: January 25, 2018

    Nice app, BUT it causes Accessibility Services and QS Tiles to be Disabled on Reboot. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Shayne Bachman Published date: January 12, 2018

    Lacking many options and not user friendly Full Review

  • Tasker
    A Google User Published date: January 11, 2018

    This is THE application for those who want detailed control of their phone. Still a happy user after 7+ years. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Published date: February 5, 2018

    Randomly decides not to work. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Jake L Published date: January 13, 2018

    AC power detection not correct. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Bryan Sierra Published date: January 24, 2018

    UI sucks. App is good, but the user interface makes it unfucking usuable. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Mark V Published date: February 1, 2018

    Guys! WiFi toggle for off no longer working Full Review

  • Tasker
    Alex Pavlov Published date: January 24, 2018

    A great app! I cannot imagine my smartphone without it. Full Review

  • Tasker
    Ben Moon Published date: February 14, 2018

    This app opens up so many automation possibilities. Full Review